Every layered cookie bar is made by hand from scratch with absolutely no additives

.A cookie bar is a layered cookie. From there we let our imaginations run wild. The layers can be anything from homemade fruit preserves sandwiched between a shortbread crust and crumble topping to a Belgium chocolate brownie topped with cheesecake topped with a chocolate chip cookie (OMG!). The possibilities are endless and we’re always dreaming up new creations.

New York City Chocolate Crumb

Just when you think the crumb cake can’t get anymore delicious, we went ahead and proved that wrong. We added a delectable layer of creamy Belgium chocolate in between.



Corbett’s Chocolate New York City Crumb 7.00


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Cheryl’s Joy

There is joy in sharing and Cheryl’s Joy is no exception. You know, because sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you feel like splitting a Belgium chocolate brownie topped with real coconut and toasted almonds with your friend, or your sister, or your parents. You get the picture! This one is perfection in every bite!

Cheryl’s joy 7.00

Blueberry Crush

Blueberry Crush is summer in a cookie bar. We add lemon juice and lemon zest to our Blueberry preserves and then crush them between a delightful shortbread crust and crumble topping. But we don’t crush them all. We leave some whole ones in there to quench your thirst for a refreshing treat at any time during the day.

Blueberry Crush 5.00


For those times when you can’t decide between a brownie or a cookie, may we suggest The Brookie – A dark Belgium chocolate brownie topped with a layer of chewy chocolate chip cookie! Two of life’s simple pleasures combine to make snack time unforgettable. Just add milk.

Brookie 6.00

Peanut Butter Pioneer

We whipped up a mousse with natural peanut butter, spread it out on a vanilla shortbread crust and topped it off with a thick layer of Belgium chocolate ganache. The Peanut Butter Pioneer is a timeless combination reminiscent of the famous cookies we grew up ordering by the box. It is so good that it deserves to be perched atop its own flavor pedestal!

Peanut Butter Pioneer 6.00

Black and White

The Black and White Bar is another bakery classic recreated and infused with Corbett’s magic. The dark chocolate bottom comes together with the white chocolate top to create sweet Belgium chocolate harmony you can taste with your entire being. You’ll be swept away by the Yin and the Yang of it all and suddenly realize there’s no time like the present for this enlightening treat.

Black and White 5.00

Caramel Clipper

The Caramel Clipper is the perfect storm of cookie bar flavors. We start with our secret shortbread cookie recipe, smother it in Corbett’s homemade caramel and top it with a Belgium Vanilla chocolate ganache. This one will blow you away and then float your boat home again!

Caramel Clipper  5.00