We couldn’t just stop at cookie bars! We have a wide variety of brownies too!

We wanted to make desserts that were better for you both physically and energetically so we started by cutting way back on the sugar and white flour. We use all local fruits and we never add gelatin or thickeners.


Black and White Bar

Corbett’s recreated another bakery classic with this two-layer brownie. Dark Belgium chocolate with a touch of coffee is topped with a pure white Belgium chocolate blondie for a harmonious combination of irresistible flavor.

1 Oz Black & White Bar $5.00

Add 5 more Black & Whites Bars for a discount $25.00


Cheryl’s Joy Brownie

Our spin on the classic candy bar we all grew up with.  You know, because sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you feel like a Belgium chocolate brownie with coconut and almonds. 

1 Oz Cheryl’s Joy Brownie $6.00

Add 5 more Cheryl’s Joy Brownies for a discount $30.00